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Rob Bramhall Architects is a designer of select residential, institutional and specialty commercial projects throughout the Northeast, coastal South, the American West and Canadian Maritimes.


We are a small lifestyle firm, six to ten people, best known for the design of architecture and interiors for town, country, campus, hospitality, retail, resort and recreation use – in waterfront, woodland and mountain settings and in a wide range of urban and suburban locations.


Our work is inspired by the traditions that have guided architects and builders for generations. It’s about quality, simplicity and balance, thoughtful detailing and expert craftsmanship. It’s about harnessing natural beauty and about creating architecture that elevates the everyday.


Most important, it’s about the high standards we hold ourselves to in terms of going the distance – with energy and enthusiasm – to get it right for the client-partners who challenge and inspire us and who continue to bring an incredible range of opportunities our way.

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